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About Us

We, Maruti Futuristic Pharma Pvt. Ltd., are a reliable company of Indian market that has managed to attain trust of both national and international clients because of Healthcare Specialty Products. These products are 100% matchless in quality because these are prepared with extreme perfection by a highly experienced staff. Business roles of manufacturer and exporter are brilliantly pulled off by our Bengaluru based company due to strong expertise and ethical work practice. In the year 2009, we came into existence with the strong vision to manufacture unparalleled quality of food products, supplements, medicines, beauty products and nutritional items. In all these years, we have managed to support our vision by implementing innovative manufacturing techniques and strict quality control programs. Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients, Supplements Capsules & Tablets, etc., are served by us at affordable price structure.

Manufacturing & Sourcing

MFPL is proud to boast about being connected to a wide network of reputed processors and quality-conscious manufacturers, across the globe. For processing, we source some base materials from these reputed manufacturers. Our reliable company carefully selects singularly those vendors that develops base materials that fits our quality standards and performance.

We form alliances with singularly those manufacturers that ethically run business. All sourced base products are prepared using organically harvested ingredients, which are procured from farmers and distilleries.

Process that Results Quality

There is no denying in the fact that quality is main attribute of a product. Customers prefer investing their money in singularly quality-marked products. Understanding this well, our company conducts around 30 quality control checks right from the stage of base material sourcing to development of finished line that includes Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients, Nutraceuticals / Phytochemicals, etc.

We timely revises quality assurance methods to develop products of matchless quality. Our strong QA system ensures  of keeping quality in products, intact. We maintain quality at all level right starting from good agricultural and collection practice (GACP) during cultivation, to growing and harvesting plant.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and extensive testing speaks about our strictness towards maintenance of quality.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are implemented at all manufacturing steps to ensure supreme quality of final products. In addition to GMP, other measures implemented by us are as follows:

  • GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices)
  • Area Selection

Control of:

  • Botanical Identification of  plant or its part
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Control of Contaminants, aflatoxins, heavy metals, pesticides
  • Drying conditions
  • Harvesting period and harvesting method
  • Micro biological Analysis
  • Under monitored conditions, biomass is quarantined
  • Storage


Prevention of mistakes and tight controls

Raw data is recoded and each and every critical procedure is properly described to workers. This process is  stringently checked through BMRs Batch Manufacturing Records

Manufacturing Process includes controls on

  • Cleaning
  • Concentration
  • Drying
  • Extraction conditions (time, pressure and temperature)
  • Extraction process parameters including
  • Grinding
  • Packaging/Labeling
  • Purification
  • Solvent type

Final Analysis

Curcumin JP 95% Ethanol Extract, Gloriosa Superba Seeds, Supplements Capsules & Tablets are made to pass through final analysis and documentation review that ensures of them being developed in sync with international quality standards and specifications given by clients. To attain this final analysis of products, analytical instruments such as HPLC and NMR are used.

All analytical data is kept safely for future purpose.

The final stage includes quality assurance/quality control review- BMR documentation review

Analytical controls are as follows:

  • Content of active principles
  • Content of impurities
  • Heavy Metals
  • Microbiological analysis of the final product
  • Pesticides
  • Physical Analysis
  • Residual solvents